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July 2 to 5 , 2021

from Briançon


Hear!! Hear!!

Gentle lady, noble lord,

bourgeois franc and bourgeois franc.

We are doing everything we can to ensure that the 20th edition of the Briançon Medieval Festival takes place

this year 2024.

The Heart of Vauban Association

looking, like every year, for volunteers

to help us in this great adventure.

This summer 2024, you will travel back in time by crossing the fortified walls of the Cité Vauban.

You will be able to discover, through the alleys and gargoyles of the Vauban city, strolls, shows, stalls as well as all the riches of the Middle Ages and the lost know-how of the art artisans of yesteryear.

Friendly and festive atmosphere guaranteed!




This 20th edition, still organized by the Cœur de Vauban association, takes place like every year in the Vauban city, old town of Briançon.

During these three days, the city is adorned with its most beautiful finery.

Blacksmiths, glass blowers, basket makers and other artisans give demonstrations and enliven the city.

Come stroll along the streets covered in straw, as in the Middle Ages, in streets decorated with pennants and flags, watch knights fight, see falcons and other birds of prey wandering around, and be accosted by beggars.

Visit the medieval camps, discover ancient trades, take part in medieval games, and come and feast at the medieval tavern. Everything is there to transport you into a medieval atmosphere.

Shopkeepers and restaurateurs welcome you throughout these lively days.


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